What browser do I use? It depends

I used to be a FireFox guy, but by version 3.6 I noticed it was slowing down quite a bit and freezing more and more.  Since I used to work at Apple, my next stop was Safari. I love Safari, there’s only one big problem with it, Google Reader. I use Google Reader to organize, retrieve and follow lots of blogs and news sources.  However, when I open and log in to Google Reader on Safari, it looks like this:

I can’t find any way to set up a preview pane or anything. For contrast, when I do the same using Google Chrome, it looks just like it did in FireFox:

Am I doing something wrong or is Google not playing nice with Safari? Until I figure this out, I’m going to be using Safari for everything except for Google Reader. Anyone have any ideas for why this happens?


2 thoughts on “What browser do I use? It depends

  1. That’s too funny. Google Reader thinks you’re on an iPad – I’m 99% sure that is literally the iPad version of their site.

    I’m loving Chrome for the first time ever (and I installed v1 back in the day and hated it), and I’ve heard it sings on the Mac…

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