Don’t let a stutter trip you up – It didn’t for King George VI, Jeff Davis…or me

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In various posts over the years I’ve mentioned my former colleague and friend Jeff Davis who now runs FoodFete, a series of events for makers of specialty foods to show off their wares to the media. I met Jeff when we both worked at Alexander Communications in the mid 90’s (and we both also worked for Edelman albeit at different times), and he then left to start his own firm.  After building his firm, he decided to do something different and began Food Fete.

So Jeff spent quite a few years working in PR, and then his own events company where he’s constantly interacting with vendors, clients and the media.  Here’s one thing you may not know, Jeff stutters.  You’d think that this might cause him to choose a career where he never has to talk with people. You’d be wrong.

There has been quite a bit of attention giving to those who stutter recently due to the success of the recent film “The King’s Speech,” about the difficulties faced by King George VI.  Along with the attention are news articles about stuttering and people who face it every day. Earlier this week, CNN ran just such a story and featured Jeff Davis in the lead. Read the whole article here read a bit more on Jeff’s blog or just read my favorite part from the article:

“I’ve met stutterers that just, they just retreat, in their life and in their job. They take a job sitting in the back where they never have to talk to anybody. That’s just not my personality,” he said. “If I stutter, I stutter, and it’s just going to be hard.”

His job involves event production and sales — and, although it requires a lot of speaking, which can be difficult, he believes that his stutter has helped him develop a reputation for honesty.

Oh, by the way, I work in PR and I do stutter quite often as well.




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