At Morgan/Dorado we work with a lot of interesting clients. One of these clients is the Western Region of the CFA Society. If you aren’t familiar with the CFA Society, check them out at  CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst and is an advanced credential for investment professionals that requires rigorous study and testing for accreditation.

Many local CFA Societies sponsor their own regional annual business and economic forecasts. Yesterday, was the presentation of the forecast for the Sacramento region.  Here’s a link to the executive summary of the report, that was created along with the Sacramento State College of Business Administration.  The report looked at:

  • Sacramento’s Labor Market & Regional Economy;
  • Real Estate Trends in the Sacramento Region;
  • Sacramento’s Banking Industry Forecast;
  • Global Markets and Their Impact on Sacramento; and
  • The Small Business Economy.

Below are a few photos from the event provided by the Sacramento State College of Business Administration:

Keynote Speaker Marc van den Berg of Vantage Point Ventures and Sanjay Varshney, Ph.D., CFA, Dean College of Business Administration
Leadership team of CFA Society of Sacramento
Capacity crowd for 2011 Economic Forecast at Sacramento State Alumni Center

A few of the points from the forecast that jumped out at me included:

  • Estimate that the local recession likely ended in mid-2010, some 12 months after the US recession ended;
  • Structural inefficiencies have developed that will result in elevated unemployment for at least the next 3-5 years;
  • Foreclosure activity will continue to dominate local real estate in 2011, but commercial rental market should stabilize;
  • M&A activity of local, smaller banks should increase near the end of 2011;
  • The global economy is in recovery but will be more pronounced in the emerging economies and the US versus Europe; and
  • Small and medium enterprises are very pessimistic about the economic fallout and future prospects.

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