Q: When is 0 not nothing? A: When it’s Xero

We’ve developed a profile for our optimum client. The profile includes market, company size, opportunity, management type, our expertise, and a few more criteria with things like we have to like the people we’ll be working with.  We’re small so this is important.

In order to work with us, you have to meet most of the requirements, but sometimes everything comes together and they’re all there. That’s what happened with our newest client, Xero.

Xero makes small business software delivered as SAAS.  It’s easy to use, powerful and it’s coming after QuickBooks. There is one thing about Xero.  Their HQ is in New Zealand.  This means two things:

1) I need to schedule a client meeting onsite at their HQ; and

2) I needed to tape a little reminder to my monitor:




3 thoughts on “Q: When is 0 not nothing? A: When it’s Xero

  1. I’ve been thinking of checking them out. Now that this is happened, my trial account will be open shortly. I hope they know how valuable the “Josh Morgan effect” can be…

  2. And PS – just wait until their daylight savings time and our daylight savings time causes that to change four times a year. (Since the changes happen independently from each other.)

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