What I’m reading in 2011

Throughout the year when I run across a book I find interesting I copy the name and the author’s name and paste it into an email with the subject, “books.” I then send this email to myself and my wife. Then when I find a new book I like, I respond to that email.  Sometimes I buy the books on the list myself throughout the year, and if I don’t my family has a great list of books for Christmas.

Last January, I posted a picture of the books I received last Christmas.  Here’s what I’ll be reading this year:

  • Colonel Roosevelt – I read the other two by Morris about Roosevelt and am looking forward to how he wrapped up his amazing life;
  • Medium Raw -Anthony Bourdain is an amazing raconteur and I loved Kitchen Confidential so I’m looking forward to this fun, and surely entertaining read;
  • Men at Work – I need at least one baseball book per year.  My dad gave me this one.  We always have Giants baseball and Stanford football we can talk about;
  • Hops & Dreams – Growing up in Chico, Sierra Nevada was – and is – an institution.  Other than the beer, Ken Grossman is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and an amazing supporter of his community.

Like many families we made a conscious effort to buy less stuff this Christmas so the stack of books is a little shorter than last year, but I’m looking forward to some good reading.  I already finished “Unbroken,” and it is an amazing story.

The links above go to the listings on Amazon. I don’t get a cut if you buy from them, and in fact would prefer if you purchase from a local independent bookstore.  Find one near you at IndieBound.


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