The Top 10 Posts from Don’t Eat The Shrimp in 2010

When I wrote about my most visited posts from 2009, I made the following observations:

  • People love Mad Men;
  • How-to’s are big draws and are evergreen (i.e. they draw traffic for a long time);
  • Write about popular topics with your own personal perspective; and
  • Sadly, writing about people who have passed away draws traffic.

Below are the most visited posts from 2010. A few specific notes:

  • The “What is it about junk” post was linked to from the “Freshly Pressed” opening page of WordPress and traffic went nuts;
  • After writing about Emerson Foote, I got an email from a member of his family; and
  • People love Scotch, or at least really good ads about Scotch.
Great example of a 5 Minute Speech to Inform
What is it about “junk,” that caught on?
Remember your past.
It’s like Elf Yourself….Only Cooler – Mad Men Yourself
The Grateful Dead and The Power of Sharing
About Don’t Eat the Shrimp & Josh Morgan
Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 401 – “Public Relations”
Lumens Introduces the First Ladybug of Spring
Thank you Mr. Ritchie – Don Ritchie, educator 1946-2009
“Someone named Emerson Foote” – Agency Lessons From Mad Men Episode 412 “Blowing Smoke”
Keep Walking – And Watch a Great Ad for Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky
“Will it Blend” Gets Blendtec in the WSJ!
Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 403 – “The Good News”



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