Sacramento PR firms at Center of Roseville Galleria Fire Information

Edelman’s Sacramento office is leading communication for the Roseville Galleria and Runyon, Saltzman & Einhorn is now on board to help the City of Roseville with communications related to the high-profile arson.

This makes sense to me. Neither the Galleria or the City of Roseville is set up to deal with the type of media interaction this ongoing situation is going to demand.  A KCRA story pegged the RS-E contract at $15,000 , which is a bargain in my mind as it equates to maybe an eighth of the cost of another communications staffer for the City (assuming a mid-level municipal communication staffer salary at $60k and then factoring in total cost of employment).

I’m not usually a fan of municipalities hiring outside communication firms, but we need to be realistic.  City staffs have been cut quite a bit and we’re going to see more and more where outside consultants have to be brought in to handle work that used to be done by staff workers.

I could envision a headline of “Galleria Fire is an Economic Blessing to Local PR Firms,” but it wouldn’t be true.  Edelman’s local office generates revenue of several million dollars (I’m guessing, I really don’t know for sure), and RS-E has combined PR and advertising revenue of well over $20 million, so they’re not getting rich off of these deals, they’re just doing what needs to be done, helping get information out the door.

Note – I used to work at Edelman as an employee and later as a contractor and I have several friends at RS-E.



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