Stand up for yourself!

In general it’s a good thing to stand up for yourself, but specifically I’m going to talk about standing up at work.  When I worked at Apple, in 2001, the guy in the office next to me put a stand-up desk in his office. He said it kept him more productive.  This guy was not lacking in enthusiasm for his job, but he swore by the stand-up desk.

For me, I like the sit down desk, but I do love to stand up when I’m talking on the phone. It makes my voice stronger and I find that I speak with more enthusiasm when I’m standing.  The problem is that I don’t like wearing headsets so sometimes I pull my phone off the desk. It’s worth it, believe me. The standing while talking, not the pulling the phone off the desk.

The impetus for this post was a photo of Len Tillem in a profile in Sonoma Magazine that showed him standing while doing his show. I don’t know if he always stands, but he’s never lacking energy when he’s on the air.

Len Tillem, image from Sonoma Magazine

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