Search Results and The Medal of Honor

I was watching David Letterman tonight and his guest was Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta. You might have heard his name as he was recently awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest military honor our country can bestow.

During the show I did a search for “Medal of Honor,” and this was the result:

The first two results are for a video game. The official site for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society came up third.  One way to increase ranking within search results is with inbound links. So, I’m doing my part by linking to the site of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Below is a video of Staff Sergeant Giunta receiving his award from President Obama.  On this day of thanks, thank you to those who serve.

Note, if your search is for “Congressional Medal of Honor,” the first result is the official page.


One thought on “Search Results and The Medal of Honor

  1. “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”
    – President Abraham Lincoln

    In PA lies the oldest Medal of Honor memorial in the nation. It’s owned by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. They sold this land in 2009, but the buyer backed out. The community now worries that it will take these 52 acres and shrink the grove into 10 or 15 and sell again They say it’s not presently handicap accessible…well if they paved the road and made some much needed alterations it could be. But they want millions of dollars for their non profit for their education programs…yes, these people teach students to be good stewards…great examples when they’ve left this acreage in such disrepair.
    I was one of 1,000 people who were gathered by a state senator to clean it up..and it was an amazing experience…for students, military, veterans, citizens. Please go to and see photos- read the articles. Help us keep this memorial as is and as it was intended to be.

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