Product PR Doesn’t Happen Overnight – Sometimes It Takes 147 Days

For consumer product PR one of the big pushes is obviously around the holidays.  Some companies can generate the vast majority of their annual revenue in the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With this much activity, many shoppers look for guidance and they find it in gift guides.  The thing about gift guides is that many of them get “put to bed,” early. What does that mean?  A lot of decisions about what to include are made in July and August.

Here’s an example. On June 29th, I responded to an inquiry on HARO for “green gadgets for the holidays.”  We received a response to ship a product to the reviewer on July 1st. On July 7th, we received word we were going to be included.  Now, being told you are going to be included, doesn’t mean you will be.  A lot can happen. Articles can get shelved, you can get pushed out for another product, or sometimes you just get cut during editing. So you never know until you actually see it in print, or in video. And you wait. In this case, we waited 147 days:

Lessons learned:

HARO works; and

Be patient.


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