Rule #237 – You can’t hide – don’t try

I haven’t written a post in almost a year about how someone was stupid and tried to hide who they were to listen in, spy, gather information online.

The latest is from an employee of PG&E, specifically the “Senior Director,” of their SmartMeter program.  A little context. There are several groups of people that have fought against SmartMeters because of health concerns about radiation and various other things. This post is not about SmartMeters, please do not post comments about whether or not they are harmful to your health or if that idea is a bunch of baloney.

This post is about the need for training. Training about transparency and social media use by people of all levels and positions within a company. Don’t just train your marketing people, or your customer service people, train ALL PEOPLE at your company, because even if you don’t think they are representing your company, they are. Just ask PG&E, they suspended the employee today pending an investigation.


PS – Bonus in this case, the person used the fake name of “Ralph,” when joining the group.  Wasn’t this the same fake name Tom Cruise used in Risky Business?


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