A single conversation – Caen and Cain

Right now it seems that everyone around Northern California has something to talk about. The Giants.  That you can turn to basically anyone and mention the Giants and start a conversation is amazing.  This made me think about how San Francisco and the Bay Area misses the voice of Herb Caen.  I grew up with the “items” of Herb Caen starting many conversations around my family, friends and people around San Francisco.

Herb provided a common narrative. When people ask why I care so much about sports, this is why. Right now, the Giants are creating a common narrative and creating a way for people to connect without animosity.  I think Herb Caen would be fascinated with this band of misfits, castoffs, and overachievers. He would have written about the “mild mannered Volunteer,” Matt Cain, and created a play on words that we would all chuckle at.

Image from SFGate.com - Photo: Michael Macor / San Francisco Chronicle

It’s OK to jump on the bandwagon. It’s OK to be part of something special. It’s OK to have something that everyone can believe in. I just wish there was something that made it happen a little more often.




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