“Instant” Hit from El Dorado Hills

Photo from El Dorado Hills Village Life

A few weeks ago, Google introduced “Google Instant,” which creates dynamic search results as you type.  Shortly afterward, “Youtube Instant,” was born at ytinstant.com. It’s a cool technology story, especially since it was created in just a few hours by two college students.

One of the creators, a student at Stanford, was offered a job by Chad Hurley of Youtube.  There’s only one problem, he’s already an intern at Facebook.  But besides that, the reason this is really cool is that Feross Aboukhadije is from El Dorado Hills and was the co-valedictorian in 2008.

So, as you complain about the traffic from Oak Ridge High School as you drive down Silva Valley Parkway, take a minute to think that one of those students that just cut you off, might be two years from changing how people do things online.


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