Mad Men – Episode 407 – The Suitcase – Alcohol and Watching Your Own Show

I’m still watching Mad Men, but I’m not writing up weekly synopses of “Agency Lessons,” for every episode. If I see something particularly telling to me, I’ll write about it.  Tonight on Episode 407, “The Suitcase,” we saw Don Draper puking in the toilet in his office after drinking way too much, for way too long.  Oh, and by the way he was with his protege Peggy Olson, while puking all over his shirt and the bathroom.

After leaving the bathroom, Don encounters Duck Phillips, who in a drunken stupor has come to the office to try and woo Peggy back romantically and to work with him since he has been fired by Grey, presumably due to his drinking after he was escorted out of the Clios after making a fool of himself. So, the two strong male role professional role models in Peggy’s life end up in a sloppy drunken tussle on the floor and she has to try and break it up.

One of the themes in this season of Mad Men has been the crutch of alcohol and the effect it has had on the characters, Don, Duck, and Roger Sterling) who are having trouble adapting to a changing world.  When Mad Men debuted, the “cocktail culture,”was portrayed as urbane, sophisticated and cool.  Now, with Don and Roger regularly drunk in the office and their drinking having a marked negative effect on the success of the office, it’s starting to look a lot less cool to have a well used bar in your office.

After watching an hour of downward spiral with an alcohol chaser, AMCTV ends the show with a promo for their “Cocktail Culture,” iPhone App, and a promotion for their site to learn how to make a ” virtual cocktail, you can drink it yourself and also share your results with a friend. Just for fun or when getting ready for the next episode of Mad Men, this app lets you master the art of cocktail making — in Mad Men style.”

What I just saw was that “Mad Men style,” is being too drunk to do good work, hold a job, or act like a responsible human.  So, AMC, why don’t you take a different lesson from advertising, watch the show, before you stick an ad on that really doesn’t make any sense.

AMC wants us to see cocktails as cool:

Image from

But what we really saw, was a broken man, with puke on his tailored, french cuffed shirt:

Image from

One thought on “Mad Men – Episode 407 – The Suitcase – Alcohol and Watching Your Own Show

  1. I love this show… I can so relate to Peggy on so many levels being the career woman and not wanting the family right away… I didn’t realize Don was the only one who came to see her. The writing on this show has an amazing standard and I am in awe and I need to go back to seasons one and two and start from the beginning. Oh my, I loved the fact they showed Don puking. How amazing is that???? Love this show!! ❤

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