Second Acts – Making Films About People Helping Whales

This afternoon there’s a documentary making its debut at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California.  The film is called “In the Wake of Giants,” and is about a group of dedicated people in Hawaii who help free migrating whales who have become entangled in marine debris such as fishing nets etc.

That would be cool enough, but this is about “second acts,” a favorite topic of mine.  This act is by Lou Douros of Grass Valley (read a little more about the film in his hometown paper) who I met when he was a client running a software company. Lou’s second act is making films at What’s yours going to be?


2 thoughts on “Second Acts – Making Films About People Helping Whales

  1. Hey, Josh!!!!

    Thanks for the posting here. I got an alert on this as I was stepping into a podcast at the event… Here’s the good news…We won in the Best Marine Sanctuary Short Film category!!!! The other two were Emerging Underwater Filmmaker and Music Score. Disney won the music score for “Oceans”, but I must say, it was VERY satisfying that when they showed the clips for the finalists, we got applause, while the crowd remained silent for “Oceans”. Ya’ gotta love the underdog. My son, Blaise did our score and was VERY happy to just stand in the wake of THAT giant… er… mouse. Disney had a multi-million dollar budget we did ours on lost sleep.

    Anyway, thank you again Josh!

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