You never know who you’re going to touch or inspire

I was just at home, having lunch with my wife who had just returned from volunteering in the classroom of one of our daughters. Before I go further, let me set for perspective that my wife was a classroom teacher for seven years.  There was a student in my daughters’ class with learning disabilities and a dedicated assistant to help them.

Our discussion at lunch was about trying to mainstream students and also about how our daughter hadn’t mentioned anything about the other student acting out at all this year, which he did several times while my wife was in the room.

On the way back to the office, it’s a five minute drive- if I miss a light, I was listening to the BBC and there was an interview with Natalie Merchant talking about her song, “Wonder. and the unintended impact this song has had with parents of children with special needs.

Maybe, I’m just getting old and soft, but it was an incredibly powerful interview that spoke to people finding inspiration all around them.  So, my message for the day is don’t give up on people, just help them and help them find inspiration.

Also, I highly encourage you to listen to the whole interview, at the BBC site it’s about six minutes.


2 thoughts on “You never know who you’re going to touch or inspire

  1. Great song, great interview. I’ve always loved Natalie Merchant. After 15 years working in Special Education, I just have to add that you also never know who is going to touch and inspire you. Be open, be empathetic, be a friend.

  2. That song came out when my special needs daughter was very small. It was my song for her. I still sing it in my head when she has a triumph.

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