Read before you sign

It’s back to school time.  Kids come home with backpacks full of papers in colors like golden rod for parents to sign.  Most of the papers are contact forms, but some are full of questions.  Some are related to statistics for the district to receive various types of funding and some are something else.  Take a look below:

Included in the middle of this form is a blanket release for my kids to be in the media, advertising or other publications for the school.  I checked “no.”  Am I opposed to my kids being in pictures? No way at all.  I’m not crazy about them being in ads, but that’s just because I was in a few as kid and wasn’t crazy about it and some of the kids I knew that were in national commercials ended up a little spun. But the issue here is, there is no way I would grant a release without knowing the specific situation.

Same thing should go for you and for your clients.  Don’t sign blanket releases EVER!  And to my kids’ school district, if you are going to be filming at school, send me a note telling me what is being filmed, why you are doing it, who is doing it and how it will be used. Until then? No, you don’t have my permission


2 thoughts on “Read before you sign

  1. Great advice. I don’t have kids but it is good to know these things exist. Though by the time I actually have kids it will an entirely different set of problems.

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