Second Act – Randy Johnson – A 6’10 Bob Gruen

I’m a fan of “second acts,” in lives.  I’m still in my first, but I keep finding inspiration in those that find a second act for themselves.  In the past few months I’ve written about athletic coaches that became much more than leaders on the field or on the court and about a lobbyist that became a craft printer.

Image from

See the picture above? See the 6’10” photographer on the left?  That’s future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson.  He retired from baseball and now instead of shooting down opposing hitters, he’s shooting pictures of rock stars.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with several former professional athletes. Some of them have made solid transitions to life beyond sports. Some haven’t.  I think it looks like Mr. Johnson is going to be one of the ones that does it right.

What’s your second act?

PS – This is Bob Gruen.


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