Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 403 – “The Good News”

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Over the past few years, I’ve been writing about real agency lessons from Mad Men episodes.  Season four continues to include real issues faced by advertising (and yes PR firms) in an incredible show. If I wasn’t in this industry, I’m sure I would still be a fan of the show, but for me I get a bonus. I get to watch situations I encounter all the time dealt with by others.

Tonight’s episode mostly took place outside of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce but there was a very important lesson (no, the lesson is not “do not hire hookers with your partners,”), it’s the little things.  Lane Pryce asked his assistant to send flowers to his wife and to Joan Harris.  Joan had previously asked for two days off in January, which Lane denied.  Side note – take care of a good office manager.  Seriously, they are worth their weight in gold.  Lane’s assistant apparently didn’t double check the notes going to each one, and Lane’s wife (from whom he was already somewhat estranged) received a card that “Joan, forgive me, Lane,” while Joan received flowers with a card that read, “Darling, I’ve been an ass, Kisses, Lane.”

You can imagine that this didn’t go over well with all involved. Lane’s assistant says that the florist told her it would be taken care of. She apparently didn’t understand the importance of the little things.

Joan chastises her with, “Everyone makes mistakes but the fact that you are the kind of person that cannot accept blame is egregious.”

She is fired immediately.

Just because someone gives you a small task, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Do everything like it matters, because quite often…it does.


One thought on “Agency Lessons from Mad Men Episode 403 – “The Good News”

  1. Joannie could teach our politicians a few thing about how to properly run a business.. I have watched that scene three times and every time I laugh. She is great!

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