Sacamento’s Chrometa in The Economist

In a 1994 interview, when asked, “What do you read?” Bill Gates replied, “The Economist, every page.”  If Bill is still reading every page of The Economist he would see Sacramento-based Chrometa in an article about lawyers and billable time.

Here’s an excerpt that includes Chrometa:

Experts and surveys estimate that between 10% and 30% of hours are never billed by tired and overworked attorneys who cannot keep track of every piece of work they do. A firm called Chrometa addresses this problem by producing a software programme that automatically tracks a lawyer’s computer usage, showing how much time she has spent on which e-mail, document or spreadsheet. These can easily be filed by case and client, so the client gets a more detailed invoice. This may not result in many more hours billed, but it saves strain on both lawyer and client in keeping track. Both sides can then focus on the case at hand, rather than the bill.

I would love to say that this article was a result of diligent PR work by the PR team at Morgan/Dorado, but it wasn’t. This was a result of diligent work by the CEO of Chrometa to be actively involved in online conversations about law billing by writing their own blog and participating in conversations on many others.


2 thoughts on “Sacamento’s Chrometa in The Economist

  1. Josh, thank you for the great post, and you guys are as always way too modest! MDPR taught us to fish…so maybe we pull the final strings in this fortunate case but you guys taught us the technique!
    Overall thank you for the post and the great Economist coverage, looking forward to increasing success wi h you as we prepare our next gen web app!

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