Like a Rock? Kid Rock and Nissan? (UPDATED)

In the early 90’s Michigan native Bob Seger allowed his iconic song “Like a Rock,” to be used in commercials for Chevy trucks. The ads ran through 2004, here’s one from 1992 to jog your memory:

Seger licensed the song because he said he wanted to help a company in his home state and the people who worked for Chevrolet. He also spoke in support of Ford as well.

Another native of Rock City who has spoken about supporting Michigan businesses and people is Kid Rock. I have to say, I have several Kid Rock albums and for a time even owned the domain  That being said, I was really surprised when I saw a commercial tonight for a Nissan Rogue that if I’m not mistaken has Bawitdaba by Kid Rock as the backing track starting at about 20 seconds in.  Take a listen and let me know what you think. If I’m right, given his past statements about supporting Michigan, I hope Bob has a good reason for letting it be used here.

UPDATED – See the helpful comment below. The song is “Cobra Style” by the Teddy Bears, and yes it appears to sample Kid Rock, but Bob Ritchie is off the hook here. Sorry Kid.


5 thoughts on “Like a Rock? Kid Rock and Nissan? (UPDATED)

  1. i just saw that commercial last night and had to rewind it about 3 times to see if i was hearing correctly….sounds very close

  2. It does sound eerily similar. But you knew it was Bob Segar when he sang his song. I am not sure but I would hope Kid Rock isn’t selling out.

  3. Thanks Brandon. I did just listen to the song and it is definitely the same song. That song sounds like it samples Kid Rock, but alas it looks like Kid Rock is off the hook here. Sorry Bob!

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