Go to a Museum – We Did Tonight

I’m telling people to do a lot of things lately. While I’m at it, here’s another one. Go to a museum. My wife and I went to one tonight. The one we went to was the opening of an exhibit at the Stanford Mansion on Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to California in 1903.

We went to the opening of the exhibit as the guests of a friend whose collection of “Rooseveltiana,” as he described it was the centerpiece of the exhibit.  I wrote about The Adam Gottlieb Collection a bit before, so go read that then go visit the Stanford Mansion.

SACRAMENTO –  Rough Rider, police commissioner, cowboy, big game hunter, governor, vice president, president, and conservationist.  All these titles best characterize one man – Theodore Roosevelt – whose accomplishments are now celebrated at a Sacramento museum.

A new exhibit, The Great Dreamer and Great Doer: Theodore Roosevelt’s Impassioned Life,” arrives at the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park (SHP) in Sacramento on June 29, 2010.  The exhibit captures the vibrant life and times of “T.R” through visual panels, vintage political campaign buttons, ribbons, photos, and other memorabilia on loan from the private collection of Adam Gottlieb.

Through artifacts from Roosevelt’s 1903 Western Tour, this exhibit showcases Roosevelt’s life, his beliefs on nature and conservation, his accomplishments as well his lasting impacts on the Golden State.

An avid collector of political Americana, Gottlieb has been collecting Roosevelt memorabilia for more than 30 years.  His interest in T.R. was spurred by a 4th grade class field trip to Roosevelt’s summer home in Oyster Bay, NY.  His collection has been displayed in the State Capitol, California Historical Society, State Library, and the State Fair.  He is a member of the American Political Items Collectors and Theodore Roosevelt Association.

The exhibit will continue through June 24, 2011.  The Stanford Mansion SHP is located 800 N Street in downtown Sacramento. Hours: 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday.  For more information, call (916) 324-0575 or www.parks.ca.gov/stanfordmansion

PS – It’s more fun to go to museums if you have someone to go with you like I did.


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