Grow something

A few years ago we moved out of Silicon Valley.  We’re just two hours away from San Francisco and I still go there somewhat often for work, in fact, I’m going tomorrow, but in other ways we’re in a different world.  I still work with innovative companies but that isn’t all I do.  I’m growing things.

Every year we plant a few tomato plants and other vegetables in a small patch on the side of the house.  Eating tomatoes right off the plant is amazing.  Even better is having my girls as excited about growing things as I am. Guess, I’m growing more than tomatoes.

The first tomato of the year

What are you growing?


One thought on “Grow something

  1. Nice balance. The SV is so fast paced, demanding…Nature is different and we need it. For peace, for sanity, for happiness ;-). Though I love to see veggies and fruits grow, I don’t grow them at this point.

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