Old School PR Done Right – Competitive Eating

Kobayashi. One name. Well his full name is Takeru Kobayashi.

Until Joey Chestnut came on the scene, Kobayashi was the unquestioned greatest competitive eater of all time.  I wrote about Kobayashi and the International Federation of Competitive Eating a few years ago just before their annual marquee event, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The professional business of competitive eating was created by a few PR guys in NYC.  Read the book about it, Eat This Book.  Amazing story and well told.

The impetus for this post was the news that Kobayashi will not compete this year for the coveted Nathan’s Famous Mustard Belt.

Every year I’m impressed by the work done by the promoters of this event.  Read the press release for this years’ event. It’s simple. It works. It gives enough information for reporters to tell the story, but really encourages people to attend.

To get you ready, here’s the video of last year:

Note:  No, I don’t think encouraging overeating is good for you.


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