Business Cards – Use them effectively

When people think about business cards, they usually think about their own.  I wrote a post about our first business cards at Morgan/Dorado a few years ago.  See, I was thinking about my own.  I wasn’t thinking about other people’s business cards.

When I meet someone and they give me their card, I usually hold it with the thumb and forefinger of both hands and look directly at it for a second to try and fix some of that information into my melon. Then I transition the card to my left hand and keep it there as long as I am talking with the person.  When I’m done talking, I try and add a few notes to the back of the card, with information such as where I met them, what they do, people we know in common and any follow-up.

Rob Lagesse from Rackspace has his own system and I am seriously impressed by it.  His system is built to give him the most utility for his job from a card. His job is Director of Customer Development. That sounds like a sales job. It is and it isn’t. He makes things happen for current, past and future customers of Rackspace.  Rob recently wrote about his system and I’m going to see how I can adapt it to what I do.

Rob’s system is built on folding. His basic system is:

“If I am talking to a current customer, I bend over the upper right corner. If I am talking to a potential customer, I bend over the upper left corner. A current customer that wants to buy more gets both upper corners bent.I have a lot of variations of how I bend business cards. A card folded in half means someone wants to talk to me ASAP. A card folded diagonally belongs to a competitor that I feel I can talk to.”

There’s more to how he works and you should read his entire post at his blog, and follow him on Twitter.


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