I’m a fan of stunts that work – Drinking camel’s milk seems like one

Our friends at Oasis Camel Dairy are going to spend their time at the San Diego County Fair eating dates, drinking bottled water and having some camel’s milk. How’s that a stunt?  That’s all they are going to have.

Here’s an article about it. Interesting side note. US law says you can only consume camel milk from camels that you own. So, if you were planning on stopping by and trying some of their milk while you’re at the fair….you’re out of luck.

Why do I think it will work?

  1. The Rieglers are extremely personable. They love talking to people about what they do. This is extremely important for people to remember, if your story is about people, make sure the people like talking (unless weird, non talking people is your angle, then you’re golden).
  2. Great visuals – seriously. How can you compete with camels. They make for great TV and for great still photos.
  3. Lots of odd facts to include with the story. Odd is good. If you don’t have odd find internesting ones. Don’t have those? Find some that are scary.
  4. There is a specific time frame associated with the stunt
  5. It’s actually an interesting story that people may learn something from.

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