Get Your Swagger On The Water – Two Totally Different Examples of Online Videos That Work

I’ve written many times about creating video that people choose to watch and share with others online. Some of my favorites are the Johnnie Walker video with Robert Carlyle, Batting Stance Guy, Dude Perfect and yes, Tiger Woods with EA.

I have two more great examples to share. Both very different.

In a class a few months ago I dinged Toyota for including a URL for their YouTube channel in their TV spots for the Sienna minivan when they didn’t have any good content related to the van on the channel.  In the class, one of the students said that she was prompted to go to the site after watching the ad and actually was angry when there wasn’t anything worthwhile to see. It seems that maybe their advertising was just a little out of sync with their new video because “Swagger Wagon,” has definitely taken off:

The second spot seems less like a commercial and doesn’t even really mention the product (which may provide some issues as to non-disclosure etc.) but uses a mockumentary style to highlight the “new sport,” of “Liquid Mountaineering.” Read more about the campaign from Hi-Tec Sports on Social Times.


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