Wait what? School district prefers you eat their pizza instead of bring lunch from home

Lots of people think government should function like a business. I’m all for limiting the role of government, and trying to eliminate waste.  Here’s the problem with that idea. The goal of business is to make money.

Want to see an example?  The Chico Unified School District is rolling out a new pizza product at Chico’s high schools and junior high schools.  It’s Ok though, because according to the article in the Chico Enterprise Record, it’s not local money behind this wonderful idea, it’s from a $110,00 Federal stimulus grant. That’s not what makes me angry. What makes me angry is the quote from the “Director of Nutrition Services.”

“But the big competition comes from a much tougher source.

‘I’m competing with Mom actually,’ said Harter, pointing out that anything a parent can put into a bag lunch is in direct competition with the hot lunch operation.”

image from ChicoER.com - My caption - "They've declared war on your mom"

Wait…WHAT?  Yes, the Chico Unified School District would prefer that you buy pizza instead of bringing a healthy lunch from home.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The article continues,”Nutrition Services is a self-sustaining operation that takes no money out of the district’s general funds. It works on federal funding and food sales, and while the enrollment in the CUSD has been sliding in recent years, the number of meals served has steadily climbed, which brings the discussion back to pizza.”

If the school district is providing meals, why wouldn’t the money come out of the district?  When it doesn’t, you get things like this, where the “organization,” does whatever it can to make money. What would Jamie Oliver think about this?


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