But can she pitch?

I’m a huge fan of minor league baseball and almost as big a fan of minor league baseball marketing. In 2006 I wrote about the Chico Outlaws and their profile in the NY Times as part of the Golden Baseball League.

There’s been nationwide attention given over the past week to a new pitcher for the Chico Outlaws. Why you ask is he getting all this attention? Because, he is a she.

Eri Yoshida - Image from SacBee.com

Eri Yoshida is five feet tall and learned how to throw a knuckleball by watching videos of Tim Wakefield on Youtube. You can’t make this stuff up. Well, maybe you can. Does this seem just a little too good of a story to be true? We’ll find out when she makes her first start for the Chico Outlaws in May.

Whether she does well or not, and I hope she does, when she pitches you can bet she will have done the most important job for the Outlaws, putting people in the seats.


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