Don’t call it a comeback – Tiger Never Left

The cycle of error, exile and return has become laughably short.  When Tiger Woods tees off at Augusta today for the first round of The Masters, it will be less than five months since his private life became public news. Since then he has hit all of the check boxes that seem to be required these days:

– Go to “rehab”

– Serious 1-1 sit-down interview where you almost cry

– Contrived press conference

– Sponsor return

It’s the last one that I’m going to talk about. A new commercial from Nike is scheduled to air during The Masters that uses a voice-over of Earl Woods, Tiger’s late father, questioning his son about his actions. This is supposed to be a “serious,” ad that addresses the elephant in the room of whether Tiger can be the face of a company before they go back to commercials about how he uses products.

During this odyssey, Tiger hasn’t missed one major championship, he hasn’t sat out a season, he didn’t change course. He just didn’t play golf for three months.

So, everyone here’s the thing, obviously we weren’t that mad at Tiger, because we didn’t even make him sit out a semester. So, stop whining about he “let us down,” and watch everyone play golf at one of the most beautiful courses in the world.


2 thoughts on “Don’t call it a comeback – Tiger Never Left

  1. i think this was a waste of money. nike is only opening it up for further debate and scrutiny from the media, when really, they should focus on his meteoric rise to being a great athlete, rise above the judgment, and show their support, and not through the voice of his deceased father but in a more appropriate way.

    throughout history, athletes have disappointed their fans for a variety of reasons, but fans remain loyal because at the heart of the admiration is athleticism, not who they are as a person. people can say all they want about how much they like who so and so athlete is as a person, but they’re full of BS if they say that is what makes them turn on the tv and watch a game. Jose Canseco – huge bad guy, but seeing him smash a ball out of the park, glorious to see. IMHO a few bad decisions won’t change a fan’s opinion of their favorite athlete. well, unless you’re OJ, oh and maybe Mike Tyson. otherwise, check out the scandal surrounding Barry Bonds. the man is seen as a god by fans, despite all of the allegations. and what about Kobe or A-Rod.

    as this write up says, “If we were to turn our backs on all the athletes who have cheated on their wives, who would we have left? If we were to shun every athlete who has ever done anything distasteful, then our Hall of Fames would be practically empty.”

    tiger is not the first athlete to be unable to keep it in his pants or out of text/email and he certainly won’t be the last. everyone needs to stop the judging. “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

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