Intuit is Supporting Small Businesses in Sacramento and Across the Country

Read an article this morning in the Sacramento Bee about Intuit launching a program called “Love a Local Business.”

Go to, and enter or vote for your favorite local business, or your own.  They are then eligible for cash prizes from Intuit which they can use to purchase equipment, expand business etc.  Two local companies that have already received grants include Cybertary and Yogurtagoogo.

The program is having an event this Friday and Saturday (11-6 and 11-9 respectively) at 1801 L. Street, Suite 70.

According to the article, “as part of the local event, business people can receive cash grants, talk with business advisers and Intuit staffers, network with other small-business owners and gain information from local lenders and small-business counselors.”

I was a little skeptical of this program until I saw it was being run by Justin Kitch, with whom I worked, long, long ago. He’s a good guy, and this looks like a good project.

The article also had some great stats about small businesses in the area.

“A recent Intuit survey drew 500 Sacramento respondents and showed that:

• 59 percent of Sacramento residents spent at least $100 a month at small businesses.

• 65 percent want more small businesses in the area.

• 47 percent have friends or family who have their own businesses in Sacramento.

• 90 percent said it’s vital to have small businesses in the community.”

My favorite part of the article was the quote from Justin, “”We think Sacramento represents towns that are like most of the country,” I always tell people I meet from across the country that Sacramento is not what people think of, when they think California.  We’re much more Middle America than California.  Sometimes, I think we’re a little bit Sacrakansas, and that’s not a bad thing.  I think in Kansas, people try and support neighbor, we should too.  Support a local business if you can.


One thought on “Intuit is Supporting Small Businesses in Sacramento and Across the Country

  1. Interesting program.

    Great to see support for small businesses – now these small businesses just need some intern support as well… help themselves with young talent and at the same time help prepare our students for the real world – to succeed in today’s tough economy – which is vital to the nation’s future economic success…

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