Share a lot of pictures with friends & family? Try Circlous

There are 2.5 billion, yes with a “b,” photos uploaded to the world’s biggest social network each month.  That’s a lot of people sharing pictures with friends and family.  Social networks make money selling ads around page views. It’s in their best interest to maximize page views. This isn’t necessarily always in the best interest of consumers and privacy. yes, you can control your settings, but in my experience, many, many people don’t.

We work with Circlous. They are a smart company, based in Sunnyvale, that has created a personal peer to peer network for sharing images and video in their original resolution.  What does this mean? It means that you can create a network and share hi-def video and hi-res images only with people you want to see them. There is no central shared server, so Circlous never keeps your images.

You might have noticed that I keep mentioning hi-res images.  Images of all resolutions are shared in their native resolution on Circlous.  Why is this important? Take a look at the examples on Circlous’ site about the difference between what an image looks like when shared on the most popular social networking site and on Circlous.  The basic thinking is that on the former you can tell someone is at the Grand Canyon, but you can’t tell if they’re having fun because you can’t see their expression.

There’s no advertising around your pictures and no central searchable directory.  Since the service is not subsidized by selling ads about how to lose belly flab, or how to whiten your teeth, they charge $9.95 per year to shre your images and video. There is no cost to those that just want to view what you are sharing.

Check out Circlous. You receive a free 30 day trial when you sign up. No obligation. If you like, when 30 days is up, you pay with PayPal or you move on and go back to what you were doing before.


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