Amgen Tour of California Coming to El Dorado Hills!

The Amgen Tour of California is one of the most exciting sporting events to be introduced in the last few years.  Picture a Tour De France style race through California over the course of a week. The riders cover 750 miles through 16 “host cities.” In the first few years, the race was held in February, which led to some pretty cold, wet rides. This year, the start has been pushed back to Mid-May which is going to hopefully make for some incredible weather for the riders and the spectators.

The route for Stage 1 is 104 miles that begin in Nevada City and climb through the Gold Country before a descent and finish near the State Capitol. The coolest part is that the route goes right through El Dorado Hills on Salmon Falls Road.

The complete route is shown below in the video. The El Dorado Hills portion begins at about 1:50 in the video right after they’ve rode across the Foresthill Bridge.

Where are you going to be on Sunday, May 16? I know where we’ll be.


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