Let’s All Help UC Davis In Building Visionary Companies In The Sacramento Area

UC Davis is an amazing research university right next to Sacramento. There are scientists doing groundbreaking work in medicine, green technology and food science just across the causeway every day.

UC Davis should be an entrepreneurial hub for the region. It’s not there yet, but an article in the Sacramento Bee shows they are taking the idea a little more seriously.  The fun thing about this article is that it’s full of people and companies I’ve worked with over the past few years including former clients Freepath and Pediatric Bioscience, CEO Chris Soderquist and investor Oleg Kaganovitch (when he was CEO at SARTA).

What does this article mean? Hopefully it means we’ll be seeing more promising research become promising companies in the area. That is how you create a viable start-up scene in the area. Take you strengths and build on them, and if you can, support your local startup. Who knows they might change the world.


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