The PR Guy’s Dilemma – pictures with famous people

As part of my job I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with quite a few famous people.  One evening while swapping stories, my father asked why I don’t have pictures of my with all of them up on my office wall.

Part of my job in working with people is to make them feel comfortable, and accomplish whatever task needs to be done. If I’m taking pictures with them, I’m not doing my job.What I’ve found is that I’m able to be a lot more effective at my job if I’m not a fan, but just the guy there to help them get things done. Seems to make them much more comfortable with me as well.

As a result, I don’t have many of the cool pictures on my wall that I could have, but I do have some pretty cool stories.


4 thoughts on “The PR Guy’s Dilemma – pictures with famous people

  1. Nope. That’s why people like working with me. Someday. Most of them are boring, but some are funny i.e. helping a very famous anthropologist figure out how to use a calling card or trying to figure out where a rock star left the SUV we rented for him.

  2. Thanks Karyn. There are several books in the making, I just need to buckle down and finish at least one of them. Can I ask how you found the blog? Always happy to have new readers.

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