What I’m reading in 2010

Throughout the year when I run across a book I find interesting I copy the name and the author’s name and paste it into an email with the subject, “books.” I then send this email to myself and my wife. Then when I find a new book I like, I respond to that email.  Sometimes I buy the books on the list myself throughout the year, and if I don’t my family has a great list of books for Christmas.

My family got me quite a few books from the list to set me up for my reading in the first quarter or so of 2010. When I find a book I enjoy, I often end up giving it to someone else who I think might like it.  Sometimes, I get them back, sometimes I don’t.  This is part of my issue with e-readers like the Kindle, they don’t let you share. So, this is the starting of my sharing, I’ll let you know how they go.

The books are a mix of history, fiction and semi-fiction.  They reflect my interests of sports, education and US history.  Any of you all read any of these?  I’m through two so far, “Down at the Docks,” and “White Tiger.”


2 thoughts on “What I’m reading in 2010

  1. This is a good basis for a book club or discussion group of some sort. It’s an interesting and diverse list. Do you recommended or did you enjoy either “Down at the Docks,” or “White Tiger?”

  2. Down at the Docks was an interesting sort of slice of life/semi-history. I was specifically interested in it since I’ve read several books over the past year that included the old whaling industry so I was curious as to what had happened to those areas now.

    White Tiger is one of the strangest books I have ever read but would completely recommend it.

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