Do you ask permission or forgiveness?

The question of whether to ask permission or forgiveness comes up quite often in marketing.  It usually works like this. Someone has a great idea. They aren’t sure if they can get approval in time to be able to implement the idea before they want to start, so they go ahead anyway.

If it works, and everyone is happy, it’s a wonderful thing. If it doesn’t work, as Virgin America, just found out, you have made an enemy of one of America’s greatest heroes. Read “Chuck Yeager Sues Virgin America Over Ad.”

Ahh, you say, but isn’t all press good press? Not in this case.


One thought on “Do you ask permission or forgiveness?

  1. I’m almost always an “ask forgiveness” kind of person, but I’ve been better at it once I learned a few things about risk management. 🙂

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