The Top 10 Posts From Don’t Eat The Shrimp in 2009

Traffic to basically doubled year over year from 2008 to 2009.

There’s a few common threads:

  • People love Mad Men;
  • How-to’s are big draws and are evergreen (i.e. they draw traffic for a long time);
  • Write about popular topics with your own personal perspective; and
  • Sadly, writing about people who have passed away draws traffic.

So, with that in mind, below are the ten posts that received the most traffic over the past year.

  1. It’s Like Elf Yourself, Only Cooler
  2. Using LinkedIn as a Small Business Owner
  3. Great Example of a 5 Minute Speech to Inform
  4. Remember Your Past
  5. Just Say No To Cute, Inspirational or Funny Email Signatures
  6. Thank you Mr. Ritchie
  7. My Top 10 John Hughes Quotes
  8. Mad Men Coming Back July 27th
  9. Agency Lessons From Mad Men Episode 306
  10. The Grateful Dead & the Power of Sharing

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