The Top 10 Posts From Don’t Eat The Shrimp in 2009

Traffic to basically doubled year over year from 2008 to 2009.

There’s a few common threads:

  • People love Mad Men;
  • How-to’s are big draws and are evergreen (i.e. they draw traffic for a long time);
  • Write about popular topics with your own personal perspective; and
  • Sadly, writing about people who have passed away draws traffic.

So, with that in mind, below are the ten posts that received the most traffic over the past year.

  1. It’s Like Elf Yourself, Only Cooler
  2. Using LinkedIn as a Small Business Owner
  3. Great Example of a 5 Minute Speech to Inform
  4. Remember Your Past
  5. Just Say No To Cute, Inspirational or Funny Email Signatures
  6. Thank you Mr. Ritchie
  7. My Top 10 John Hughes Quotes
  8. Mad Men Coming Back July 27th
  9. Agency Lessons From Mad Men Episode 306
  10. The Grateful Dead & the Power of Sharing

Article on rewarding success with prizes

There’s an article in the Wall Street Journal about companies that offer small cash prizes for employees that offer ideas that help the company.

This is a great idea. One other one is to look at advice given by Steve Sabol of NFL Films:

Each year he gives $3,000 to the employee with the most spectacular failure. His theory is that to be successful, you have to take risks. More often than not, spectacular risk ends in spectacular failure, but when it doesn’t? Magic.

Well that was fast – Sac-based Merging with Maine-based Company

On Spetember 22nd I wrote about a new Sacramento-based company called Imagine my surprise when I just ran across a press release announcing that StudentAid has “agreed to merge,” with Think Ahead, LLC of Portland Maine.

From the release it seems as if much of the operations will remain in Sacramento, which is always a nice turn of events in these “mergers.”

Sac Mayor Kevin Johnson Takes His Strong Mayor Bid National in the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has a column on Sacramento’s Kevin Johnson and his bid for a “strong mayor,” setup for Sacramento that allows him more authority than the current situation where he is basically just one more city council member.

The article is incredibly weighted towards him and his ideas with just minor quotes from two dissenting city council members buried at the end.

This is a local issue that is going to play out nationally because of Johnson’s star power.  Let’s see if it works for him. I think it will, as it will draw in money to support his cause.

Read the whole article and let me know what you think.

Tools vs Toys vs Talent

Yesterday’s NY Times had an article about Cormac McCarthy’s typewriter being auctioned off for charity.  I read the article because I enjoy his work and like to read basically anything about him.  He’s typed all of his books on this simple Olivetti portable typewriter that he bought from a pawnshop in Knoxville in 1963.

image from the NY Times

Then I ran across this post from George Tannenbaum about how the fact that McCarthy has written about 5 million words on this simple typewriter shows that ideas don’t come from tools. Doesn’t matter how much RAM your Macbook has or how cool the cover of your Moleskine looks, ideas don’t come from the tools.

Since my job is mostly based on ideas, looks like I’ll still be needed for awhile.