Everyone is giving Tiger Woods PR advice

Something happened at Tiger Woods’ Florida home a few days ago.  A few days after whatever happened, a statement was posted on his website. This few days was definitely too long.  Everyone is saying that.

Since everyone else has already given Tiger their advice. I’m going to weigh in with mine. It’s the same advice I often give to my daughters.

“Lying about something will more often than not get you in more trouble than what you actually did.”

I’m actually not a fan of the concept of “full disclosure,” when it comes to peoples private lives.  Yes, he is a public figure, but it’s not our business if he and his wife had a fight. The piece that may get him in trouble eventually is what he and his wife said to the responding officers. To them, he should tell everything. To everyone else, all he owes us is to keep playing golf.


3 thoughts on “Everyone is giving Tiger Woods PR advice

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that Tiger doesn’t owe the public an explanation per se.

    That being said, if he tells the police the truth – and you’re right that he should – wouldn’t that eventually become public knowledge since it’s a public record?

    Therefore, wouldn’t the best PR practice have been to get out in front of it?

    I can imagine: “We are working out issues in our marriage and ask for privacy. We have both made mistakes but are committed to trying to work things out for the sake of our children. We won’t have any further comment at this time.”

    Then clam up, tell the truth to the police and go underground for three months. By then, everyone will be back to obsessing about what Michelle Obama will be wearing to the next State Dinner.

    (By the way – have you noticed that we haven’t heard anything from Britney Spears in months? Word has it she’s now repped by Josh Morgan who collects a fat monthly retainer but has only said four words to his client since the signing: “SHUT THE HECK UP!” :>)

  2. I agree. I think he should have told the police the truth the first time out. I don’t care what happens in the court of public opinion. I mean it is his life. I am not huge on celebrities but when you are avoiding the police and the reason why they might be in there and continuing to question you is due to a domestic issue. The correct answer would have been to answer their questions instead of shooing them away.

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