Social Media Club Sacramento

Since last March, I’ve been part of the group that puts on events for the Social Media Club of Sacramento. The mission of the Social Media Club is to:

  1. Expand Media Literacy
  2. Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
  3. Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
  4. Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions

We’ve been trying to do that all year with monthly meetings with topics such as “Pray for Social Media:  Social Media & Religion,” “Social Crime,” and “Social Media in Education.”  This week our focus was nonprofits and “Social Media for the Social Good.”

A full recap of the meeting is up at the Sacramento Press.  In December, we’re having a joint event with SacTweetUp that will be more about celebration than education. We’ll get back to regular meetings in January and are planning a sull slate of interesting and educational topics.

Some of the topics we’re looking at including are:

  • Social Media for Small Businesses
  • Social Media & Relationships
  • Social Media & the Law; and
  • Social Media & The Media.

We’ll come up with snazzy names later. If you have a topic you would like to see us address let us know. You can always find us on Twitter @SMCSac.



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