Find your voice

I had a meeting with a client today and we were talking about the voice to use when writing about their company. It’s a friendly, celebratory, but methodical voice.

No matter what you do, you have a voice, you just might not know it.  The voice I use when writing here is pretty much what I sound like, OK maybe this is a little cleaned up.

One of my favorite authors has a distinctive voice. It’s been carried through many incredible books, plays and essays.  The voice is a reflection of who he is, and where he’s from.

The author is Cormac McCarthy. The interview was conducted at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio (which is a great place to stay to get a feel for San Antonio).

To get a feeling for the interview:

WSJ: People have said “Blood Meridian” is unfilmable because of the sheer darkness and violence of the story.

CM: That’s all crap. The fact that’s it’s a bleak and bloody story has nothing to do with whether or not you can put it on the screen. That’s not the issue. The issue is it would be very difficult to do and would require someone with a bountiful imagination and a lot of balls. But the payoff could be extraordinary.

Also, if you haven’t read The Road or any of McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, I encourage you to do so soon, in the meantime, read the whole interview with McCarthy. Who knows. Maybe in his words, you’ll find your voice.


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