Social Media FAIL

If you are promoting your expertise in social media a few things you might want to stay away from:

#1) Spamming people

#2) Not replacing the placeholder with an actual name

SocialMediaFailYes, you read that right. The email spam I received was addressed to “Firstname_Placeholder.”


One thought on “Social Media FAIL

  1. Look, in our defense, email’s old technology. It’s not Social Media. You can’t expect us to have any clue how to use it properly. It sucks that we had to resort to email to contact you, but we couldn’t find Firstname_Placeholder on Twitter. You must go by a different name there or something.

    And you should stop criticizing us. We’re #14 on a some crappy list of Small Business Blogs. Fourteen! Almost cracked the top 10. That’s even better than one of those “sites of the day” awards everyone handed out 10 years ago. How many top 100 lists from no-name blogs have you appeared on? Yeah, didn’t think so.

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