New blog in the 916 – Girls on the Grid

A few years ago, it was hard to put together a list of Sacramento-area blogs.  Now, it’s relatively easy to create lists of local blogs for any niche.

The latest is Girls on the Grid.  This blog is run by a who’s/who of 30-something power women in the area. Some work in politics. Some work with non-profits, and surprise surprise, some work in PR.

I know a few of the folks involved, and believe me, they’re smart.  Look for good stuff from them. Also, if you’re interested in other women-focused blogs in the area try out:

There are a lot more out there. Check them out.


Public Service Announcement

Tonight someone I knew while growing up was on the show, Intervention. They weren’t helping. They were the subject.  Addicted to crystal meth, pills and alcohol. For a time we traveled in the same circles. Had a lot of the same friends.  We weren’t good friends but knew each other pretty well.

I’m, not a fan of exploiting people’s misery for ratings, but if someone you know needs help, do everything you can to make them get help.  That’s all you can do, but do it.

Everyone is giving Tiger Woods PR advice

Something happened at Tiger Woods’ Florida home a few days ago.  A few days after whatever happened, a statement was posted on his website. This few days was definitely too long.  Everyone is saying that.

Since everyone else has already given Tiger their advice. I’m going to weigh in with mine. It’s the same advice I often give to my daughters.

“Lying about something will more often than not get you in more trouble than what you actually did.”

I’m actually not a fan of the concept of “full disclosure,” when it comes to peoples private lives.  Yes, he is a public figure, but it’s not our business if he and his wife had a fight. The piece that may get him in trouble eventually is what he and his wife said to the responding officers. To them, he should tell everything. To everyone else, all he owes us is to keep playing golf.

Sincerity and social media

Social media allows people to stay in contact with more people more easily than they were previously able to.  This is wonderful for sharing conversations, thoughts, the minutiae of daily lives, but I’ve recently run into a place where it doesn’t work well. Death.

My aunt recently lost her battle with cancer after a 22 year battle.  We miss her terribly.  Cancer eventually got her, but from the time when she was first diagnosed 22 years ago, she was able to watch her five children grow up, and meet nine of her grandchildren. Along the way she hosted innumerable parties and celebrations in her home and in addition to her own children found time to always help out others as well.  This includes her and my uncle opening their home to me when I first moved back to SF after college and didn’t have a place to live yet.

In addition to talking to several of her children, my cousins, regularly I am friends with them on Facebook.   When she passed away, it didn’t seem right to post a comment on their page about it and when I saw people that did, it seemed almost trite. Yes, the people on the page were offering condolences but it was lumped into a “wall feed,” along with “I ate cheerios for breakfast,” and “TODAY IS GOING SO SLOW AT WORK!!!.”

My point is context.  Think of the context in how you reach out to people.  Take the time to write a note. Call. Do something with them.  Social media is great, but there are times when you have to break through the fourth wall and be real.


Social Media Club Sacramento

Since last March, I’ve been part of the group that puts on events for the Social Media Club of Sacramento. The mission of the Social Media Club is to:

  1. Expand Media Literacy
  2. Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
  3. Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
  4. Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions

We’ve been trying to do that all year with monthly meetings with topics such as “Pray for Social Media:  Social Media & Religion,” “Social Crime,” and “Social Media in Education.”  This week our focus was nonprofits and “Social Media for the Social Good.”

A full recap of the meeting is up at the Sacramento Press.  In December, we’re having a joint event with SacTweetUp that will be more about celebration than education. We’ll get back to regular meetings in January and are planning a sull slate of interesting and educational topics.

Some of the topics we’re looking at including are:

  • Social Media for Small Businesses
  • Social Media & Relationships
  • Social Media & the Law; and
  • Social Media & The Media.

We’ll come up with snazzy names later. If you have a topic you would like to see us address let us know. You can always find us on Twitter @SMCSac.