Creating original content

Creating content people want to watch. Everyone wants to do it, but it’s not easy. I mean look at Eddie Murphy’s last nine movies.  It’s not easy.

AdAge just wrote about how big brands including MasterCard, Best Buy and Coldwell Banker are creating content direct for consumers, and not waiting for media to distribute it.One thing I noticed in the article. Not all of the companies are making content that I think is helpful.  Two of them are.

Below are some of the examples:

In the article the Best Buy representative says, “”For [Geek Squad], the move to create content was partly about filling the void left by the change in the media landscape,” Ms. Baldwin said. “But it was also about filling a willingness we perceived in our customers for more access to Geek Squad’s knowledge.”

And MasterCard, “has also taken to the web with video interviews of its executives. Andrew Foote, senior VP in the digital media practice at WPP’s Cohn & Wolfe, MasterCard’s PR agency, said unlike three to five years ago when web content had to be polished and professionally produced, MasterCard has gone the low-production route. It’s taping its executives using Flip video camcorders, editing the video on laptops and uploading them to YouTube.”

Here’s the thing, make good content.  Interviews with credit card executives aren’t exactly good content. Find out what is.  Then do it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Make something good, and people will watch it.


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