Good Cop/Bad Cop or Just Getting in the Way?

My wife and I watched the ABC News interview with Benny Hinn by Andy Harris a few days ago and were amazed when we kept hearing the “publicist,” jumping in with comments from off-camera.  Apparently the PR person was saying things about the book written by Hinn and some other things. There is a full rundown on PRNewser.

Turns out the “publicist,” being referred to was Ronn Torrosian of 5WPR. Ronn isn’t exactly the shy retiring type. And according to PRNewser,

Harris said “Publicists once in a while will interrupt interviews, but that frequency and aggression of interruption I have not seen personally before. It was a combination of frequency and ferocity which made it stand out. We all see on TV publicists interrupting interviews, it happens, but I haven’t seen it at this level…it was either four or five times he interrupted me.”

Was Torrossian trying to control the interview?  My thought is he was playing good cop/bad cop with his client. Whenever Torrossian pressed on an issue or tried to change the subject if they were getting in dangerous territory (such as should an evangelist be flying private planes and living in lavish homes), Hinn would say,”No, I want to answer this and I’m glad you asked…”

This allowed Hinn to look very good in comparison to Torrosian.  Just my thought, but my gut is this played out exactly like they wanted it to.


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