Elfing Google

Before the current season of Mad Men started AMCTV had a promotion that allowed you to Mad Men yourself, similar to Elf Yourself.  I wrote a short post on July 30 about it, because I thought it was cool.

I wrote the post because I thought the idea was neat. There wasn’t any deep thinking involved. Imagine my surprise that that post is my most viewed this year.  On the day I posted it, it had a few views, and then that continued as people searched for Mad Men related info, but then the traffic to that post sky-rocketed (note this sky-rocket is relative given my traffic) and it has continued to grow.

I looked at my referrer logs and saw that many visitors were coming as a result of a search for “Elf Yourself.”  Turns out my little post is the #4 result for that search. Not on the 4th page.  The fourth result.

Who knew that all year round people are looking to get elfed!


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