Branding – Medical Marijauna

From what I’ve seen marijuana can be effective in helping people who have lost their appetite due to chemotherapy and other issues. Yes, the munchies. It’s funny, but effective. I have a relative who is currently fighting cancer and marijuana is a big part of her attempts to keep her weight up during treatment.

So, with that said, seriously, how do you expect me to take marijuana seriously as a therapy when the local medical pot clinic on the news is shown along with their jars of weed for sale labeled, “Romulan,” and “Orange Crush.”  Those aren’t about medical treatment, those names are about getting high.

Also, on a related note if you want others to take your therapy seriously, don’t allow yourself to be filmed for the news smoking your medical marijauna out of a glass pipe with psychadelic colors or a giant bong with a skull sticker.

In the same way, that people are encouraged to dress for the job they want, I encourage those pushing for wider acceptance of the use of marijuana for medical purposes to position it that way and not as a way to score “Orange Crush.”

Let me be clear, I am not opposed to legal use of marijuana for medical reasons, but I am opposed to those who claim it’s for medical use, but are more interested in getting high than getting better. They are hurting the image of a therapy that could be useful to many.


5 thoughts on “Branding – Medical Marijauna

  1. Josh – are you opposed to legal use of marijuana for non-medical reasons? I agree with you that in many cases the medical excuse is a thin, silly fiction – and to that I say: so what? I guess what I mean is – I hear your point about the branding issue w/r/t medical use – but the bigger question is: where is the moral crime in getting high (or wanting to?)

  2. Anthony – I’m more inclined to be for de-criminalization rather than legalization.

    Peter – the point I’m trying to make is that the growers and distributors are also operating in this shadow world of semi-medical. They aren’t creating their product for that market (Ok, some are) but they will sell through it.

    There’s no clean fix.

  3. definitely agree with you 1000% on that.. (prefer decrim over legalization) but I’d rather have legalization than what we have now. mostly agree with your “no clean fix” remark, too – but only because we won’t opt for the clean fix – not enough legislative courage for it (total decrim) although the (pardon the pun) smoke signals from the … Read MoreWhite House this week might give some of them the political cover they need to step up. We’ll see – I’m not optimistic on the “clean fix” either… no, we’ll do it the hard, slow, messy way – the way we seem to like it. 😉 Great points…

  4. You make a good point. Please realize that not all medical cannabis patients/providers are like that. Some of us fight for the medical aspect of cannabis, dress professionally, and do our best to present ourselves in better ways. It’s not our fault others aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

  5. It wouldnt matter a damn bit if i or you were doing it “just” to get high, the fact remain the same, compare alcohol deaths to weed, hell compare alcohol deaths to all other ilegal drug deaths and it still has more per year. Im not vouching for other drugs at all, but weed is given to patients for over 10 diseases.. including anorexia, now look me in the eye and tell me it wouldnt help with that. Its a fact that prohibition tripled and even created more major crime and crime oganizatiions, well were doind it with cartels and even local gang crime,again, take the money fron there pockets and do something usefull with besides us spending billions a year in housing pot smokers in prison. Thats not counting court costs pure man hours that our police could be doing something else with.
    There is so many more reasons i dont have the time to rant anymore, thats just my two cents

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