VSP and the Facebook Eye Test

How do you get people to join with you or your company on Facebook?  You have to give them something.  Sacramento-based VSP has a new facebook application that gives something to users. That thing is an eye test. Perfect idea. Demonstrate your expertise and provide value.

Image from InsideFacebook.com
Image from InsideFacebook.com

I learened about the app on InsideFacebook, read their whole article about it. You can load the VSP app here, if you have a facebook account.

Image from InsideFacebook
Image from InsideFacebook

According to this “tweet” from Morgan McLintic, the app was developed by LewisPR.  Great work, everyone should check it out.


2 thoughts on “VSP and the Facebook Eye Test

  1. Josh – thanks for the kind words. The FB app is part of an entire integrated SM/marketing program including a microsite, blog, twitter outreach, contests, rich media banner ads, outdoor ads, in-theater ads, radio, video and SEO. It’s running in English and Spanish. Great fun.

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