Rhymes with “salmon”

If you grew up in Northern California you of course know I’m talking about “almonds.” Why don’t you pronouce the “l?”  That has to do with how they are harvested. They are shaken out of the tree and it “shakes the L out of them.”

Yes, old joke, but it worked well enough for Bob Shallit and the Sac Bee.”

Still going nuts

It was only a matter of time before our discussion of a proposed local almond festival would encounter controversy. That would be over the correct pronunciation of California’s top food export.

Some people say “all-monds.” Others say “ammonds,” rhyming, sort of, with “salmons.”

Local PR guy Josh Morgan weighs in with a preference for the latter pronunciation. If it prevails, we’ll have to cancel those very preliminary thoughts of inviting the Allman Brothers Band to be the festival’s musical attraction.

Instead, how about Brooklyn indie rocker Ahmond?”


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